Catering Industry Gas Hose

Caterflow gas hose the original product is manufactured by ERIKS Hose Technology for the use in installations of gas-fired catering appliances carried out in accordance with BS6173 : 2001. 


This British Standard states that movable appliances shall be connected to the installation pipe by a corrugated metallic flexible connection complying with BS669-2 : 1997. 

Our hoses are manufactured to BS669-2 : 1997 and are marked or labeled accordingly. 


Metallic Bellows

ERIKS Hose Technology (EHT) design and manufacture a comprehensive range of metallic expansion bellows, metallic expansion joints and bellows assemblies in a wide range of stainless steels and exotic alloy materials, with sizes from 50mm (2”) to 3000mm (120”) nominal diameter inclusive.


As a full metallic hose manufacturer, EHT are able to offer custom sizes of bellows to suit your individual requirements.


Metallic Hose

There is an old rule of thumb: Use a metallic hose when no other hose type will do.


The standard flexible tube starts its life as a coil of stainless steel strip, which is mechanically formed into a tube and then longitudinally butt-welded. 


This rigid tube is then transferred to a corrugating machine where the corrugations are formed making the metallic hose flexible.





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