Air and Gas

Hoses suitable for handling air and gases include heavy duty air hose that will take the most demanding situations such as impact tools and air tools, to LPG gas hose used for general purpose interconnections.


The air is often lubricated, making tolerance to oils a necessary consideration along with high working pressures and resistance to external abrasion from being dragged over rough ground.


Hoses suitable for handling water are required to operate in many different environments, from the back of a coffee machine, to the feed of a medical device.  The hoses often need WRAS approval and be able to handle elevated temperatures and pressures.


From PVC & rubber to metallic, EHT are able to supply both coils and made up assemblies to exactly the customers’ requirements from our £1m of stock held in the UK.


Live steam can be extremely hazardous and therefore products suitable for the Steam market place have to be made and assembled to the very highest of standards. 



EHT have various hoses suitable for steam, from inexpensive hose suitable to for trace heating, to the market leading Inferno steam hose which does not popcorn and has a life expectancy far in excess of “normal” steam hoses.

Food Beverage

The food and beverage market requires a high degree of cleanliness and purity.  All parts of a hose assembly should have a very fine level of finish, and assemblies should be designed to avoid bug traps.


All EHT hoses for the Food and Beverage market have been checked and are approved as suitable, including where necessary; 3.1 material certification, FDA and fill post assembly testing.


The Pharmaceutical market is very similar to the Food and Beverage market in that the hoses have to be Hygienic and are often FDA approved.


They will also have similarities to  the chemical market in that aggressive chemicals are also often handled along with abrasive products such as slurries and pills.


The range of hoses is therefore diverse and EHT have a broad range of experience into selling to this market place.


Our assembly processes are approved for manufacturing into this market, including full computer controlled certification, and we work with suppliers that are used to offering 3.1 material traceability.

Material Handling

Material hamdling hoses face some of the most demanding apllications, with both fine and course meddia being conveyed.


Slurries and dry products of high and low velocities in air and liquid form can be handled along with a range of flange systems that allow quick and easy changing of the assembly.



The Petrochemical market place has similar requirement to the chemical market place, with aggressive media being handled, often in explosive envrionments.


The media itself is often explosive, needing hoses suitable for an ATEX environment.  Hoses that have a low resistance and have a grounding wire to continue earthing for equipment can be offered along with full test certificates.


The chemical industry often utilises extremely hazzardous and corrosive substances requiring a much more detailed specification.  


EHT are able to offer a complete range of hoses including manufacturing their own PTFE assemblies that are often tafted for ultimate protection.