We manufacture an extensive range of assemblies in both convoluted and smooth bore, from virgin and anti-static PTFE.


These hoses can be supplied with C of C, pressure test and 3.1 material certs. making them ideal for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


Our market leading assembly faciloities include computer controlled pressure testing to provide detailed test certificates.



Metallic Hoses and Metal Tubes include an extensive selection of products that offer strength and resistance providing ideal solutions to industrial environment requirements.

ERIKS hoses and tubes include; Stayput, Caterflow, Steel Flex and metal and Rubber Bellows all of which can be made available in a variety of materials to suit the application. 

Some of the key features of these metal hose products aim to solve common problems experienced in more demanding environments. For instance, bespoke items can be manufactured to prevent vibration and noise levels with a choice of materials. 

Rubber Hose

EHT stock a complete range of Rubber Hoses and accessories for all Industrial requirements.

Our Rubber Hose Supplies show a wide range of uses from air to chemicals. Most industries use at lease one of the products that are available in these sections, including brewing, food, air, water, radiator, chemical, LPG, shotblast etc.

We have Pre Manufactured Hose Assemblies for a wide range of industrial and tolerance guided applications. These lines are all stocked or available to order upon specification and designed and manufactured to withstand the most demanding use.

Our product solutions ensure you make the correct purchase by offering you a considered choice for all environmental and industrial settings so you can buy with confidence.


ERIKS Flexible Ducting Products include a complete range of Flexible Ductings, Suction & Delivery Hoses.

Flexible Ducting is predominantly used for such industry sectors as Automotive, aquatics and industrial ventilation.

Our expertise through innovation and experience ensure the best quality Flexible Ducting products for the right application at the best price. 
We will provide prices and design for bespoke requests including general purpose, offering the best flexible ducting solution for all requirements.

ERIKS flexible ducting products can be made for applications that require specific attention for extremes of temperature ranges, coil length, material composites and sizes.

PVC Hose

PVC Hose is available in a range of sizes from ¼” to 10” internal diameter.


Intended for use in a diverse range of applications including the suction and delivery of water, oil, sewage, slurries, powders and the conveyance of liquids and gases in factory air lines, pneumatic equipment & general workshop use.


Rubber and Metallic Bellows are designed to compensate for misalignment, neutralise movement and reduce noise and vibration in pipelines.


They effectively dampen the transmission of sound and vibration from plant items.


We are a full service expansion joint manufacturer offering a full range of flexible components and customer support. Our expertise and manufacturing capabilities include Metal Bellows Expansion Joints, Rubber Expansion Joints, Teflon® Expansion Joints, Fabric Expansion Joints, Metal Hose and Pump Connectors.

Tubing non reinforced

Polyurethane and PVC are the most flexible plastic tubing we supply. Polyurethane is also very abuse resistant and can withstand higher pressures.  Polyurethane also has excellent memory and is a great choice for coiled or self storing hose assemblies.


Nylon, is a harder plastic. Tubing made from this will be less flexible but is recognized as an industry standard for pneumatic tubing applications which require higher pressures or good heat / chemical resistance.


Polypropylene and Polyethylene are economical choices and are often used in liquid transfer because of their FDA compliance.


Silicone hose offers an extremely broad field of applications through the design to ensure a balance between strength and lightness, making it easy to handle.


It is recommended especially when a smaller bending radius is required.


suitable for hygiencic applications such as Food & Beverage and Phrmaceutical applications.

Layflat Hose

Layflat hoses are flexible PVC hoses with a closely woven yarn reinforcement. The inner and outer walls of a layflat hose are inseparably fused. These hoses are weather resistant; lightweight; flexible; strong; collapsible when not in use and have a good degree of rot and chemical resistance.


Layflat Hose can be used for conveyance and discharge of water particularly for irrigation and water supply. Also used in general industry, civil and construction engineering.

Composite Hose

RX Composite Hose is suitable for use in petroleum, chemical and oil transfer, vapour recovery, all loading operations, as well as tank truck delivery.

RX flexible and lightweight liquid transfer and bottom loading composite hose offer optimum chemical resistance to aggressive media, including our upgrade PTFE range for high temperature applications.

RX Composite hose is available in a complete range of advanced films and fabrics to meet all hose requirements and are available with externally crimped dry seal fittings from 1" to 10" diameter.


In industries that use flexible hose products, fittings are essential to all applications. It is imperative to use correct accessories or fittings to maintain the productivity and quality of the hose output.

Fittings will have to be as resilient or in most cases more durable that the hose. Depending on the environment, weather exposure and high pressure can wear the material down, so we offer a full range of options to suit all requirements to prolong the life and offer full reliability.

ERIKS fittings and accessories include; Pneumatic Metric Push In, Imperial Brass Nut & Olive, Quick Release Fittings, Brass Hosetails, Brass Water Fittings, Push In Fittings, Water Hose Fittings, Kwik Kam Lever Couplers, 'O' Clips, Bolt Clamps, Wormdrive Clips, Reusable Fittings and Firesleeves.


ERIKS has developed many support and solution based services which include hose management (incorporating on site testing, hose inspection and hose registry establishment and maintenance), hose refit, design of bespoke hose assemblies for individual installations, and of course technical support and advice. 

Hose Reels

EHT are able to supply Industrial Hose Reels and ancillary equipment to an extremely diverse customer base including the following sectors:- Food and drink (including dairy, meat, breweries etc). Chemical, Fabrication, Plant and Construction, Mining, Marine, Engineering, Welding, Maintenance, OEM’s, Agriculture, Off-shore (oil production etc), Government bodies (M.O.D., M.A.F.F, etc) Local Authorities.


Types of Industrial Hose Reel include: spring rewind hose reels, manual rewind hose reels, power rewind hose reels. Manufactured in stainless steel, steel, aluminium or polypropylene.


EHT supply welding hose reels, compressed air hose reels, breathing air hose reels, water hose reels, food quality water hose reels, pressure wash hose reels, oil hose reels, and hose reels for many more applications.


This section is for products that dont fit into any of the other catagories, such as stayput hose.