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Welcome to your December 2014 update from EHT.  In this issue you will find a summary of recent product highlights, news, offers and updates.




Braided PVC

Lightweight PVC hose, made of two layers of clear flexible PVC bonded together encapsulating high tensile polyester fibres.  EHT braided PVC hose is tough, flexible and extremely durable under normal operating conditions.  


EHT braided PVC is made with a thicker wall than many competitors, which provides a much greater life span whilst retaining its flexibility.  Manufactured from FDA approved ingredients, braided PVC hose is suitable for food contact applications.


For more information and to download a datasheet click here:


December Special Offer pricing: 1/2" ID braidflex £0.28 per Metre

(30M coils) Part Number: 1003-12   


*** 70% Saving ***      


                 Please quote offer code: EHT12


Other sizes and quantities available upon request.

Prices excl. of VAT and delivery and valid for all orders received in December 2014 by EHT.

For more information and to download a datasheet click here:





Rubber Bellows

Moulded Rubber Bellows are designed to compensate for misalignment, neutralise movement and reduce noise and vibration in pipelines.


They effectively dampen the transmission of sound and vibration from plant items in building service installations, and can be used for many applications including water, oils, chemicals, gases and in the food industry depending upon the grade of the rubber.


Available in a number of different types of material to suit the media going through the bellows and different flange or other end fittings.  For more information and to download a datasheet click here:




Product Spotlight

New for 2015 our Ducting Clamp System


The EHT “Pharmaclamp” system is a reusable, fast and easy to assemble ducting system that allows the interconnection of ducting.


A tried-and-true stabile solution In combination with the extremely abrasion-resistant range of PU ducting from EHT augments the overall EHT ducting and hose range, which has grown to extend from customary fast normal fittings to high-quality aseptic unions for the most stringent requirements in applications for the pharmaceuticals industry.  Tight connection and efficiency – even under heavy pressure.


With the EHT “Pharmaclamp” system you can count on the fact that even heavy pressure will not break the connection. It additionally prevents pressure losses, saving you energy costs. The standard connection fittings also offer customers efficiency and cost savings. One reason for this is that EHT Interconnect range is reusable as well as easy and fast to assemble.  The EHT “Pharmaclamp” system is also electrically conductive because the hose line can easily be earthed in accordance with the TRBS 2153 standard (formerly BGR 132).    For more information, click here:





Blue "Dinga" Washdown Gun

Blue rubber covered Wash-down Guns (often referred to as 'Dinga' guns) are extremely robust and commonly used for general wash-down applications.  

The internals are brass and the heavy-duty blue rubber cover prevents damage to tiled floors if the gun is accidentally 
dropped.   These guns are popular in the food processing and dairy industries.

Recently redesigned to our specification, these washdown guns  are now available at a very competitive price.  For further information and a datasheet, click here:




December Special Offer pricing:  £14.38 each

Part Number: RX1212-3001


*** 70% Saving ***


Prices excl. of VAT and delivery and valid for all orders received in December 2014 by EHT.  Please quote offer code: EHT12




Christmas Opening Hours

EHT will be closing for business at midday on Christmas Eve.  On the 27th 28th and 29th EHT will be open only in the mornings.  EHT will be closed on New Years Day and open for business again on the 2nd January at normal business hours. 


EHT are able to offer both metallic and Non Metallic hoses and bellows.

A range of fittings are available from NETO, to GEKO and brass fittings.


EHT have products suitable for many different markets, from Industrial to Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage to Petrochemical.

Trust EHT to deliver your product, safely.


Mann-Tek Distributor EHT

EHT are proud to announce that they are now a master distributor for Mann-Tek.   Mann-Tek manufacture Dry